Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seize the Day!

Today I found out about the death of a friend's daughter.  It was another reminder of how incredibly short life is.  She was a fairly young lady, but we all know that death has no age limit.  There used to be a time that it seemed as if old people were the only people dying, but that has changed.  Today it's young and old people.  Finding out about this young lady's death made me immediately reflect upon my life as well as the lives of my loved ones.  We're only here for a short period of time, and when that time is up, life as we know it, is over.  Make the most of each day that you're given.  Find something to be grateful for from the moment that you wake up until the moment you go to sleep.  Life is tough, but it is great to be alive.  Any day above ground is a good day.  Whatever aspirations you may have, don't put them off for tomorrow, work on them today.  If you truly love someone, tell them.  You don't know when your last words to them will be your last words.  Stop stressing about the small stuff.  Stress is a killer in more ways than one.  Take care of yourself, because if you don't, no one else will.  Above all else, make the most important person in the world happy; you!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Checking In

Hello Everyone:

I hope this post finds everyone doing well.  It's been a few weeks, and I just wanted to check in.  Stay cool this summer.  Nurture your goals.  Be there for your family and friends, but don't neglect yourself.  Do something for the kid in you every once in a while.  Live life to the fullest.  We're all here for a short period of time.  Make every moment count.  Have a blessed weekend and a wonderful summer!!

All My Best,


Friday, June 17, 2011

Parental Holidays

"Father's Day" is coming up on Sunday, and last month we celebrated "Mother's Day."  Personally, I think it's great that we have these days set aside to honor our parents, but in all actuality, we really don't need a special day to say that we appreciate our mothers and fathers.  If you truly love and appreciate your parents, they should know it on a daily basis.  I don't have to wait until "Mother's Day" to tell my mom that I love her, or show her that I care with some sort of gesture.  Also, if you're not kind to your parents throughout the year, what's the point in being kind to them on that one day?  My
great-grandmother used to tell us to give her flowers while she was alive, and those flowers weren't just the beautiful, colorful, flowers that we can smell, but it was the way that we treated her.  She always said that when she died, it didn't matter how many flowers she had, she wouldn't be able to see them.  So, if your parents are still alive, and they're decent human beings, treat them well, and count your blessings!  Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Merriam Webster's Dictionary's definition of the word "hope" is "to desire with expectation of obtainment" or "to expect with confidence."  These are the transitive verb meanings.  The intransitive verb meanings are "to cherish a desire with anticipation" or it is "archaic":trust.  Nevertheless, it is with hope that most people make it through any given day.  They press on hoping that tomorrow will be better than the day before.  As one travels on this journey called "life," with the many obstacles that can face you, it is sometimes difficult to hold onto hope.  We lose hope when things go wrong, and we get it back when things appear to be getting better, or they actually do get better.  The one thing I know for sure is that whether we have hope, or we lose it sometime along the way, we have to get it back, because in the beginning and in the end, sometimes it's all we really have. Also, as my great-grandmother used to say, "As long as there's life, there's hope."  So, as long as we are breathing, we have the power to change our lives for the better; simply by taking the first step.  To everyone that may be going through some sort of struggle right now, don't lose hope.  Hang in there.  Tomorrow will be better.  Just believe!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

If Today Had Been The End

If today had been the end of the world, what really would have happened?  I asked myself this question, because it amazes me what some people believe.  As far as I'm concerned, "Judgment Day" can be any day.  Only God knows the date and time.  The best advice I can give and take for myself is to make certain that you and your Creator are at peace with one another, and then whenever your time is up on Earth, you will have nothing to worry about as far as where you will spend eternity.  We've already been given the information we need from "The Holy Bible."  Why on earth would we believe a human being instead of what is written in the Word?  "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."-Matthew 24:36.  If the Son doesn't know, what makes us think that someone else would know other than the Son?  Now, that is something to think about.  Live each day like it's your last.  Don't waste time on petty things.  Love with all of your heart.  Be happy.  You only get one chance at this thing called "life."  Make the most of it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's the Little Things

 Over the weekend, I spent time at Borders bookstore working on my novel.  As I wrote, I sipped on a delicious Hazelnut Latte.  It was very relaxing.  The coffee cost me $3.80, but the experience was worth so much more.  I left there feeling proud that I had made more progress on my novel.  Had I not purchased the coffee, the trip would have been totally free.  It costs nothing to visit the bookstore or the library for that matter.  Sometimes just the change in atmosphere can make all the difference.  It truly is the little things in life that can totally make your day.  From there, I completed my Saturday errands and at the end of the day I felt great!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maximizing Your Time

It has been said many times before that "Time waits for no man."  This is so true, and that's why it's important to make sure you're making the most of the time given to you in a day.  After all, when it is gone, it will never return again.  Whether you have personal or professional projects to complete, simply take a few minutes out of your day to work on them; you will find yourself that much closer to finishing them.  Just don't let procrastination set in.  We've all been guilty of letting that happen from time to time.  Tackle big projects one step at a time, and start working on them early so the work doesn't pile up.  Reward yourself even if you take a small step toward completing a task.  A step is a step no matter how large or small.  Let's get moving.  The clock is ticking!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy National Poetry Month

The poem below is from my new book, "Bare My Soul."

 I Choose

I'll choose to be happy
Whether friends walk away
Or even if they stay
I'll wear a smile
Come what may
I'll live with a higher purpose in mind
Dealing with life's matters one day at a time
I'll rid myself of every care
Turning everything over to the Master
because I know He'll always be there.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning

The title "Spring Cleaning" was used for this blog to emphasize the importance of getting rid of unnecessary stuff or putting away the things that are no longer needed.  That's essentially what "Spring Cleaning" is.  It may also consist of cleaning your house from top to bottom.  When I thought about the title, I wasn't thinking about the type of "Spring Cleaning" we're all familiar with, but I wanted to use the same idea to get my point across.  We're in the fourth month of the New Year, and perhaps it's time to nourish those New Year's resolutions a little more if you haven't already.  If something or someone isn't benefiting you or your life in a positive manner, maybe now is the time to eliminate it or them.  Rid yourself of negativity.  Surround yourself with positive things and positive people.  Immerse yourself in warmth and love.  Nourish your soul with beautiful melodies and poetry that marinates in your heart.  Put away your fears and doubts, and replace them with courage and faith. 
Happy Spring Cleaning!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Network! Network!

Whatever profession you're in, it is essential to do some networking.  You never know who you're going to meet at any given time.  Keep business cards handy, and always remember that a first impression is a lasting impression.  I was afforded a great opportunity on yesterday to attend "The Big Apple Conference" in Manhattan, hosted by The International Women's Writing Guild.  I met some great people, and we all intend to correspond with each other in the near future.  I not only left there with some great contacts, but I also left there with an extra shot of confidence.  I had done something for me, not anyone else.  Connecting with others in the literary industry was absolutely awesome!  I am humbled by the experience, and I hope to attend next year's conference, and other events hosted by the organization in the future!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Motivates You?

Do you speak positive affirmations over yourself daily?  Are you surrounding yourselves with positive people? What goals are you setting on a regular basis?  These are some questions that I ask myself often.  In this day in time, the world in which we live is not the greatest place, but we can make our world "great."  We can do this by finding ways to stay positive despite certain circumstances.  Even in times of adversity, we can all still find something to be thankful for.  When we begin to take an accounting of what we have instead of what we don't have, we can count our blessings even more.  Maybe it's your family or friends that have an influence on how well you excel, or the things that you want to go after.  Ultimately, you have to want the best for yourself first, before you can concern yourself with what someone else wants for you.  That's just a little food for thought today.  Thanks for reading!  All My Best, Robin

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Taking Small Steps Toward A Bigger Goal

Good afternoon everyone. I hope everyone is well. I'm in the process of working on my novel, but I've taken a little break this afternoon in hopes of finding the inspiration to write the next chapter. It's a lot more tedious than any other projects I've had in the past. Normally, I write poetry and short stories. The novel is ongoing, and it's definitely a process. I am determined to finish it though. It's just like anything else you set out to do; it takes a lot of focus and discipline. I've decided to set small goals, like write so many words per day or per week. Even the smallest paragraph will be a portion of the novel, and will get me that much closer to finishing it. I'm not one of these writers that can write an entire book in a weekend or even in a couple of weeks. I have to put it together in bits and pieces. I guess for now I just want to encourage anyone else who's writing or wants to write. Just get your pen and pad or your laptop, and put those ideas to work, and if you're stumped, look for things around you or even outside of your box to inspire you. If you don't write, how will anyone else be able to read your innermost thoughts? You never know who you'll be able to inspire. Even if it's not writing, take a step today toward achieving your goals, whatever they might be. You're never too old to follow your dreams. All Good Things, Robin