Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Hello Readers:

Today is the last day of the year 2012.  It's hard to believe how quickly this year has gone by.  I don't know about you all, but this year has been a tough one for me.  I'm looking forward to better things in 2013.  Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that I lived through 2012, but I'm just hoping that 2013 won't come with so many obstacles.  Having obstacles though is certainly a part of the journey we call "life."  Someone used to say, "Just keep living."  It's a simple, short statement.  Yet, it carries so much weight.  The more I live, the more I see and understand just what that means.  As we all keep living, we'll certainly see the good, bad, and possibly the ugly.  Nevertheless, whether our circumstances are good or bad, it's still a blessing to be alive and experience those things.  So, whatever the New Year brings, rejoice your way through it.  If you're still alive, that means you still have a purpose.  God isn't going to allow you to leave this earth without doing what you were born to do.  Here's wishing you and yours a year filled with happiness, good health, love, and prosperity. 

Happy New Year,


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cheers to the Fall Season!!

Fall is here!!  Comfort food, Harvest festivals, and fun times with family and friends is what Fall is all about.  Whether you're attending a gathering or staying in, there's something for every age level to participate in. Check out these great sites below for excellent Fall ideas!!

Enjoy!!  Happy Fall!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What If We Could Choose Our Family?

I'm sure at one time or another the question about choosing your own family has come across your mind.  I've certainly thought about it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I'm disappointed with all of my family members, but there's a few that I could have probably done without.  Unfortunately, we can't choose our family members.  We can only choose our friends.  As the years have gone by though, I've realized that just because you're related to someone doesn't automatically represent a strong friendship.  I've also learned how to love people from a distance.  We're all born with two sides; our mother's family and our father's.  Frankly, I've always been closer to my mother's side.

Sometimes that happens.  In a perfect world, the relationships would be filled with bliss on both sides.  There are some people that are close to their families on either side.  That's a good thing, but it's not everyone's fate.  Some of my friends have treated me better than some of my family members.  I have often wished that I could trade some of my family members for my friends and add them to the family tree.  Since it isn't possible, I have just decided to be thankful for the good friends I do have, and thank God that I have the right to choose who I spend time with.  I don't have to like some of my family member's ways, but I can pray and ask God to give me the ability to love them as He would, because of who they are.

After all, there are some people who love me just as I am.  So, I must try to do the same.  If you have a truly good family member or friend, cherish them.  Be grateful for their presence in your life.  Good or bad, some people don't have families or friends at all.  We have to take the bitter with the sweet, and live our lives to the best of our ability.  God bless!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beat the Heat!

Tips to Beat the Heat

1). Drink plenty of water.

2). Use sunscreen as needed to protect your skin.

3). Check on your elderly family members and friends.

4). Keep your air filters clean.

5). If you have to do work outside, try to do it as early as possible, or later in the evening.

6). Last but not least, enjoy your summer!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Helpful Tips to Survive This Economy

1).  Meditate and pray daily.
2).  Maintain a positive attitude.
3).  Network as much as you can.  You never know who knows who.
4).  Make only those purchases that are necessary.
5).  Surround yourself with positive people who are making things happen in their lives.
6).  If you need help, seek it.  There's lots of resources available, but you have to ask!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Keep Believing!

Happy New Year!!  It's been quite some time since I have blogged, and I do apologize.  I'm going to try to blog more this year.  I hope that everyone's New Year has started out well.  I hope 2012 will be filled with good health, success, and happiness for you all.  Take the time to nurture those dreams that you've been constantly thinking about, but haven't made the time to really focus on.  Over the past several months, I've had an opportunity to learn some important lessons about faith.  Keep trying even if you can't see the progress.  Just continue to believe in what you're doing, and know that when the time is right, what you're hoping for will happen.  Remember what's for you is for you, and no one can take that away.  No one can steal your destiny because it's yours!